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New Era for the Church Hall

January 2022 update

Our grade 2 listed church hall is subsiding, has damp in several rooms and has leaking roofs. It needs a lot of TLC! 

The hall is truly a village asset, being used by the Saxon Preschool and many village organisations for the majority of the week. 

So, we have decided to embark on an ambitious project to not only rectify these issues but upgrade existing "tired" facilities and to "redesign and develop" the building to provide the village community with a facility worthy of the 21st century! 

During 2021 we consulted with users to produce a "Brief". We appointed an architect to design a scheme for the hall which would deliver the requirements of the brief. He needed surveys and investigations to be carried out, and has now come up with "a plan!"

The next steps will be to apply for planning permission and quantify the costs of the project in detail. At this stage we will be able to begin applying for grants to actually carry out the works. As we still have costs to incurr before we reach that stage any donations in support of the project would be very welcome, and joyously and gratefully received.

Click on the links below to see the plans, we also hope to re-instate the old wall on the High Street which was demolished in the 60's, to create a safe outdoor space for the pre-school - see photograph


738-33 Proposed Elevations - Option 3.pdf

738-13 Proposed Plans - Option 3.pdf

Hall Wall.JPG


To make a donation :

For card payments please follow the link:



Please make cheques payable to:  EARLS BARTON PARISH CHURCH HALL

Please send your payment to:    

Mr D.Hylden,  Church Hall Treasurer  

99 Midland Road




Or by BACS bank transfer:          

Sort Code 20-45-45, Account Number 10398675 


We also welcome comments - both of support, and critisism! The ones of support will help demonstrate the need for the facility in the village, any negative comments will certainly be considered and may have a bearing on the final draft of the plans.


If you would like to discuss any of the above please contact:


Helen Winrow   (Church Warden)

email: warden.earlsbarton@outlook.com

tel: 01604 811410