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Praying Together

The Pastoral Team are leading a monthly “get-together” for prayer, tea and chat at 2.30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month. Anyone is welcome to join us and lifts are available on request from the pastoral team.

All welcome.

Prayer for Children Going to School
A new adventure awaits them
as they prepare for school.
Excitement for new possibilities
and fear of the unknown
mingle in their hearts.
Thoughts of achievement and failure
slow their footsteps.
Bless all children this day, O God.
Give them inquiring and discerning hearts,
courage to persevere in all they undertake,
the gift of joy and wonder in all things,
laughter and love to share with all,
and sure and certain knowledge
of your unfailing love.

Vienna Cobb Anderson

In our thoughts…

Make me strong in spirit,
Courageous in action,
Gentle of heart,
Let me act in wisdom,
Conquer my fear and doubt,
Discover my own hidden gifts,
Meet others with compassion,
Be a source of healing energies,
And face each day with hope and joy.

Abby Willowroot

Prayer of Thanksgiving

We gather today, Lord of abundant life, as grateful children. Delighted and humbled by our bounty, we celebrate gifts of food and shelter, of colours that dance at dawn and dusk; we relish the scent of cooking foods, of burning leaves and summer’s wet grass, of snowflake, of animal fur. We marvel at the intricacy of spiders’ webs and fish bones, newborn babies and lines etched on faces of grandparents come for a visit today. All gifts from Your hand. When our meal is completed, leftovers stashed, and naps taken, we will leave replete, energized, and eager to go generously into the world and share our good fortune.

Rev. Lynn James

Day by Day

Day by day, dear Lord of you
Three things I pray:
To see you more clearly,
To love you more dearly,
To follow you more nearly,
Day by day.

St. Richard of Chichester


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