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All Saints Church Earls Barton

Enacting a Vision for the Future

Our Vision Statement

Welcoming: just as God is a welcoming and inclusive God, we will be a welcoming and inclusive community, celebrating diversity as a sign of God’s infinite love and creativity
Worshipping: through prayer and worship we will allow ourselves to be transformed by the power of the Spirit, increasing in faith and commitment to the Gospel, which is the good news of Jesus Christ
Serving: through word and action we will live the Gospel, serving others generously and unselfishly
Sharing: empowered by the Spirit we will share the Gospel with our community and the wider world
Growing: in doing these things, we will deepen our relationship with the living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and we will grow in numbers, in discipleship, and in love for one another
I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord…….to give you a future with hope. Jeremiah 29:11
We held a Vision Day earlier in the year, to help us discern God’s plans for us here at All Saints.  The outcome was we took All Saints existing Vision Statement, and identified three pathways, each of which has a number of goals to be attained by 2021.  The three pathways are:
1. Welcoming 
2. Growing & Sharing 
3.  Serving & Worshipping.


To help us to achieve our goals, we also have a one year set of objectives to focus our minds and actions more immediately; these will be renewed annually as we travel through the five-year cycle.
To download our vision for the next year and the years until 2021 please click here:    5 Year Vision
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