Friends of all Saints

The Friends of All Saints



The Friends of All Saints is a Registered Charity (CRN 1118769), which raise funds to help maintain All Saints Church Earls Barton, and its tenth century tower – one of the finest examples of Saxon Ecclesiastical Architecture in the whole of Northern Europe – and safeguard it for future generations.  Its objectives are:
  • To assist with the maintenance of the fabric of the Church
  • The promotion of the conservation of the building structure of the Church and its Tower
  • To assist with the provision of improvements such as are require by law and to assist with the enhancement of the fabric.
  • The advancement amongst people of all ages of the awareness and appreciation of the architectural and historical character, quality and importance of the Church building.
Over the past few years Friend have:
  • Installed automatic lighting in the Church to allow visitors to be able to see round the Church when outside levels of lighting are low.
  • Have helped pay for the restoration and re-gilding of the clock face.
  • Have funded the cleaning of the stonework of the west doorway of the tower.
  • Have provided, written and designed a Church walk round guide the proceeds of which go to the Church fabric fund.
  • Have paid for the installation of Brown road signs on the outskirts of the village directing visitors to the Church.
At the present the Friend are working to update the full detailed Church Guide
More details about The Friends can be found on their website.  Click HERE


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