Stewardship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


I give each week on the collection plate, why is this not what you want?
Obviously if you prefer to give in this way, we are happy to receive your offering, but if we know what our regular weekly/monthly income is going to be, we are more able to plan our budget and expenditure.

Why should I pay by standing order as opposed to the envelope scheme?
The envelope scheme does suit many, but we feel the standing order method has a number of advantages because

What should I do if I want to increase the amount I give?
You should contact your bank and ask them to make the necessary changes, or you can fill in the pledge form in the ‘My Commitment’ leaflet and make the comment that this replaces your original instructions.

I feel embarrassed by not having anything to put in the offering plate!
There is no need to feel embarrassed as we hope to have a lot of people on the scheme, and the sides-people do understand that some of the congregation give in this way. We also have little cards available at the back of church to pick up with your service books. You can put it on the plate when the offering is taken.

Why should I give to the church when I don’t go each week?
There are many occasions when the church is there for us in time of need, whether we believe it or not. It is part of our community. If the church does not increase its income, then eventually it may not be there for us. It will become lost to the community both present and future.

Do I have to tell anyone who might contact me how much I am giving?
No, your contribution should be made prayerfully, between you and God, and the details are treated in the strictest of confidence and are only recorded by the Treasurer and Stewardship Recorder, for tax purposes.

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