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Assistant Curate – Greg Shaw


On Sunday 6th September I was licensed as Assistant Curate to the parish of All Saints. This is my second curacy having spent the 3 years in the combined benefice of Yardley Hastings. This benefice includes the parishes of Castle Ashby, Grendon and Whiston – so I am not moving far! What will be different for me will be going from five churches with four different services each Sunday, two of which are usually lay led, to one church with all the services in one place. What will be a change for those expecting another curate like Paula is that my circumstances are different. Whilst I trained with Paula at Ripon College Cuddesdon, I am not in full-time paid ministry but I work during the week at SH Jones Wines in Banbury where I am the General Manager. I therefore fit my church ministry around this, though since I am the boss I do have some flexibility in my hours!

I live in the Abington area of Northampton, about 15 minutes from Earls Barton, with my wife Nicola and three children, Giles and Hugo aged 15 and Genevieve, 12. Nicola works part-time teaching maths and the children go to Bishop Stopford School in Kettering. All of them are very musical and so a lot of our time is spent in practice, rehearsals and concerts. For my part I sing tenor, run and cycle a little and enjoy sunshine and warm weather. I can be quite serious in my theology but I also think that Christianity should be friendly and inviting. So you can expect long sermons and lots of singing!

I look forward to meeting you in the near future.



P.S. The picture below is of me and my family, I am the one on the right!


Greg Shaw  Family (2)

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