About Us

The Social Responsibility Group has particular responsibility for the ways in which All Saints Church engages with local, national and global organisations supporting people in need.

In accordance with our terms of reference, the themes of our activities this year have focused on social action and promotion of awareness of environmental issues. To this end we:

  • continued to support NAASH/The Hope Centre and “Women’s Aid” through our regular collections of food, clothing and other items through the collection boxes located in the church porch.
  • ran the ‘Carers’ Café’ on a quarterly basis, providing support and pampering for both carers and those cared for.
  • provided a series of Lent Lunches
  • participated in the “Village Sale” by collecting recyclables and serving refreshments and funds for the Wildlife Trust
  • promoted a range of ecotips within the congregation and more broadly through the village magazines
  • liaised with the Buildings Committee about a possible ‘green audit’ of our church
  • promoted “Toilet Twinning” to help those in poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy. Following an engaging Parade Service and presentations to individual groups, some of the uniformed groups raised sufficient funds for the toilets in the church hall to be twinned.
  • arranged “Samaritan’s Purse” shoeboxes of Christmas gifts for children in need.
  • Promoted the ‘Christmas card’ collection for the Daylight Centre


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